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Charhdi kala crowdfunding pitch

Charhdi kala crowdfunding pitch

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Trailer Final

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Charhdi kala pitch video

Trailer: Charhdi Kala






₹ 7,00,000/-

duration: 1 Hour 30 minutes

Produced By: Chetan S. Sodha 

Produced By: Amit Kumar  

Co-Produced By: Vishal Gautam

Genre: Mix-media documentary

Language: Punjabi / Hindi

PLACE: Singhu border & delhi

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Music: All rights reserved with Binkbeats (Drones in my bones) 


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Post Production


The title 'Charhdi Kala' ,which is a Punjabi expression, connotes the state of relentless optimism and positivity and the ability to rise above adversity and difficult times. Last year India has seen the largest sit in protest and longest running farmer's movement since the independence of India against the anti-farmer laws which has been passed in parliament in undemocratic way. And further noticing the determination and resilience of farmers' peaceful movement, ruling government, ruling party and mainstream media launched a false propaganda  and hate campaign against the movement and falsely & viciously branded them as anti-nationals, parasites and particularly 'Khalistani'  to refer them secessionist conspirators masquerading as farmers, to delegitimize the movement, their uncompromisable demands and the protesting farmers. But the strong will of farmers , their belief in rightful fight and commitment ;facing all kind of challenges from extreme heat of summers to the freezing cold of winters, living in open with their tractors, trollies and tents for more than a year and four months, finally been victorious and three black laws have been taken back. Farmers' movement has given the hope to all farmers' community and big lesson to all kind of authoritarian anti-democratic regimes worldwide.
This documentary captures the time when such hate campaign and efforts to onslaught & crush the movement were at its peak. The film tries to document the 'spirit' of agitating farmers. It offers a collage of images which transcends the obvious. It has encapsulated the anxiety, joy, solidarity, loss, uncertainty, struggle and hope. The movement also invented new ways to mobilize and sustain it throughout year and to keep the moral high and energy intact. They also developed an effective mechanism to communicate their messages, day to day development, programs, decisions and to counter the false propaganda and hate campaign aimed at them and developed means and methods for medical facilities, langar(community driven kitchen) to feed everybody, to provide electricity to light the protest sites, charging phone laotops etc, film screenings and library to educate and other songs and performances to entertain and keep the spirit high.
This film presents such glimpses from the protest sites and try to capture it all with its own creative impulse and unique perspective , to keep it up with and celebrate this 'art of ascension' in times of adversity and hate with patience, love and wisdom.

Why Crowdfunding?

You can help us take this to the world, at this stage when the film is in post-production phase. We’ve come this far by sponsorship of co-producers and individual contributions of team members. Progress has slowed as we now need more funds for sound mastering, DI coloring, studio rental for recording of voiceovers, editing for big-screen view, reimbursing writers, artists, and crew, and purchasing copyrighted GIFs and music.

Post this, we plan to screen our work, and applications to film festivals in India and abroad and that would also need funds. 

For this and all other mentioned needs, Team Charhdi Kala needs your support. So far our we have put in our own savings, time and sacrifices; through crowdfunding we aim to make this a collective effort and enable it to be freely accessible in public domain. 

Help us amplify a struggle that the world needs to hear more about!

Team Behind Chardi Kala

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Director /Producer


WhatsApp Image 2021-06-14 at 8.02.28 PM.jpeg

Cinematographer / AD

Simran Singh



Amit Kumar

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-14 at 8.06.34 PM.jpeg

Writer / Interpreter

Nirvair Singh

Screenshot 2021-07-12 034241.jpg


Vishal Gautam

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-14 at 8.07.59 PM.jpeg

Chief AD / Cinematographer / Editor

Abhishek Raghuwanshi

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Poster Designer

Gaurav Nagesh

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Raj Sharma

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Poster Designer

Sawan Madman