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Duration: 20 Minutes
Genre: Drama - Thriller
Produced By: Anmol Gurung and Drishti Bagdas
Directed By: Drishti Bagdas
Language: Nepali
Place: Kalimpong (Darjelling)


Trishala, 26, accidentally causes her father’s death. She takes up her father’s job as a teacher and moves to his rented house where Bina, the landlady, and Dichen, 11, an orphan live too. Upon experiencing strange occurrences and learning that an eccentric old man at the village, Passang, possesses the knowledge of the afterworld, she decides to seek his help. Dichen joins her in the hope of finally meeting her parents. However, Passang refuses to indulge in any such conversation. Undeterred, Trishala and Dichen look for different ways to get him to help her to get closure.

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Drishti Bagdas is a senior film editing student at Satyajit Ray film and Television Institute of India in Kolkata. She is an Indian Nepali filmmaker from the town of Kalimpong in Darjeeling hills. She started her journey in films as a camera crew member of Binod Pradhan in ‘Heidi’ by Bhavana Talwar. She then worked as an assistant director in ‘Intu Mintu London Ma’ in Kathmandu. In her time there, she wrote, directed, and edited her debut short film ‘In Transmi15sion’. She also worked as an assistant director in another Nepali film ‘Appa’. A year later, she made ‘Concealed’ as her student film. Her most recent work is as an editor of a music video from Sikkim ‘ Dhaadey Biralo’ .

She hopes to tell stories from her hometown and contribute to the film culture in the region.

About The Film

The film explores the themes of death and grief and how one battles within themselves to undo a mistake. Nau Dara Paari was made as a sincere effort to understand this idea and how we view it societally, culturally, and ultimately, personally. The film was made on a shoestring budget with honest effort from every team member and with a lot of generosity from the residents. 

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